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Technology Preview

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Using Your Smartphone to Earn Cash

Learn some tricks for making extra money from your smartphone -- from selling photos to filling out surveys.

Why Cracked Phone Screens Are a New Status Symbol

Learn how a cracked screen on your cellphone tells your friends you are really cool and financially independent!

Simple Test to Find Out if You're a Tech Addict

Answering a few questions about your online and gadget habits will reveal whether you're a "tech addict," or you just love gadgets.

Would You Risk Your Life to Save Your Cell Phone?

A new survey reveals the wide variety of crazy, even dangerous, things people are willing to do to save their cell phones.

How to Get Un-Friended in a Hurry

Have you ever un-friended someone on Facebook because they brag too much? Well, you're not alone.

Reasons to Hide Your Cell Phone Around People

Want to impress your date, spouse and co-workers with the quality of your conversation? Connie explains why putting your phone away will do it.