Great relationships can be hard to maintain. Let us help with advice and tips on topics ranging from marriage, divorce, being a better partner and more.

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Relationships Preview

Love, marriage, being a better husband, wife or friend. We cover it all in Relationships. Let us help you build stronger, more intelligent relationships.

Keeping Your Faith When Your Spouse is a Non-Believer

Pastor and author of Glory Days, Living Your Promised Land Life Now - Max Lucado talks about ways to strengthen your marriage and your Christian faith when you're married to a non-believer.

3 Signs He Wants a Future With You

Psychologist Alduan Tartt explains the top 3 behaviors that show you how much your guy wants to please you and be with you forever.

Are You Committing 'Netflix Adultery?'

"Netflix Adultery" is the new term for watching your favorite shows alone instead of waiting to watch them with your partner. And 1 in 5 of us lie about it!

3 Questions to Ask a Potential Partner

John Tesh reveals 3 key questions to ask a potential mate about their goals and priorities -- before the relationship becomes too serious.

Why Men Give Up On Their Looks Earlier Than Women

New research reveals that many men give up on their looks around age 46. Find out the reasons, and what you can do about it.

Clues That a Friend Would Like to Be More

If you suspect someone wants to take your friendship to another level, listen in as Connie explains some behaviors that should clue you in.

Why 'Calm Down' is a Relationship-Buster

Want to mend a fight with your partner? Our experts say leaving the words "calm down" out of the conversation can save your relationship!

The No. 1 Quality You Need in a Potential Spouse

When you're looking for God's perfect partner for your life, there's one very important quality to look for.'s relationship blogger Melanie Shankle explains.

Why So Many Successful Marriages Start Online

A new study shows couples who meet on the Internet have happier, longer-lasting relationships than those who meet face-to-face.

How to Transform Your Relationship in 90 Seconds

Experts reveal how taking 90 seconds to really connect with your mate, 3 times a day, can give you a more satisfying relationship.

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Distance does make the heart grow fonder, but only if you have one important thing in common. Get the tip in this IFYL video.

How Sharing Your Dreams Brings You Closer

If you trust your partner enough to share even your weirdest dreams with them, your relationship is probably going to last.