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Stay Safe: Ditch the Myths About Lightning

NOAA offers new advice on safety during a thunderstorm, and it's probably not what you grew up with. Gib reveals who's most likely to be struck by lightning.

The Most Hated Word in English

New Yorker magazine asked its readers which word they would most like to delete from the English language. You'll be surprised!

How More Words Get Added to the Dictionary

Gib Gerard reveals the latest words added to the Oxford English Dictionary and explains how words qualify for inclusion.

Funny Mistakes Men are More Likely to Make With Cars

The latest research on what men and women are most likely to forget about cars, including leaving stuff on the roof, driving off with the gas nozzle still attached, and much more.

How Women's Excuses Differ From Men's

A fascinating new survey reveals the differences between men's and women's excuses when they're pulled over for speeding.

Are You Committing 'Netflix Adultery?'

"Netflix Adultery" is the new term for watching your favorite shows alone instead of waiting to watch them with your partner. And 1 in 5 of us lie about it!

Objecting At Weddings

Wedding and relationship expert gives advice about what you should do instead of waiting to yell "I object" during the ceremony.

Why Men Give Up On Their Looks Earlier Than Women

New research reveals that many men give up on their looks around age 46. Find out the reasons, and what you can do about it.

Signs Your Cat Really Owns You

Do your own a cat, or does a cat own you? Find out which human behaviors cat-lovers will recognize as signs that your pet, not you, is really in charge.

Simple Test to Find Out if You're a Tech Addict

Answering a few questions about your online and gadget habits will reveal whether you're a "tech addict," or you just love gadgets.