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Pets Preview

Pets make our lives more fulfilling and fun. Learn about how you can keep your pets healthy and happy from hundreds of videos from our hosts and expert guests.

What's Making Your Pet Sick?

Like humans, pets get allergies, hypertension and various diseases. Find out how you can keep your furry companion healthy.

Why Dogs & Cats Need Yearly Vaccinations

Your dog or cat doesn't need every vaccination every 12 months, but there are boosters for some illnesses that should be given yearly. Veterinarian Dr. Craig Prior, from Murphy Road Animal Hospital has the details on which vaccinations are annual must-haves.

Signs Your Cat Really Owns You

Do your own a cat, or does a cat own you? Find out which human behaviors cat-lovers will recognize as signs that your pet, not you, is really in charge.

Why Fussy Cats Love Faucets

Cats tend to be neat freaks. And they're very picky about where their water comes from. That's why some cats prefer a running faucet to a water bowl.

The Dangers of Giving Your Dog Pot

Marijuana users may think it's funny to get their dogs high, but the "joke" comes with serious health risks for your pet, including seizures and death, veterinarians report.

Why Bonding With Our Pet 'Kids' is Healthy

Many people refer to their pets as "my kids." The latest research shows that this close bonding is a positive thing for your brain.

Why Your Dog Needs A Massage

Getting a massage is always a good thing. Did you know there's a simple technique for giving your dog a relaxing massage too?

Is Your Dog More Precious Than Family?

Would you be more upset if your dog or a family member passed away? Find out what a new survey says.

Dogs Have Less Stress in Kennels

Do you feel guilty when putting your dog in a kennel while you go on vacation? This new research on dogs in kennels will change that!

The Perfect Diet For Cats

Feeding your cat the right food can mean a long and healthy life for your pet. A top veterinarian tells exactly what they need to eat!

Pets Teach Us to Live Better, Longer

Secrets of longevity we could learn from our pets include stretching when we wake up. Learn some other top tips here.