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Stay Safe: Ditch the Myths About Lightning

NOAA offers new advice on safety during a thunderstorm, and it's probably not what you grew up with. Gib reveals who's most likely to be struck by lightning.

Signs You're Dealing With Tight Pants Syndrome

Skinny jeans might look great, but they can cause some serious damage to the nerves in your legs. John Tesh explains how it happens.

The Most Hated Word in English

New Yorker magazine asked its readers which word they would most like to delete from the English language. You'll be surprised!

Why High Heels Are Hurting Us at Home

Home is where most high heel injuries happen -- injuries severe enough to send women to the emergency room. Find out about the danger zones in this video.

How More Words Get Added to the Dictionary

Gib Gerard reveals the latest words added to the Oxford English Dictionary and explains how words qualify for inclusion.

Funny Mistakes Men are More Likely to Make With Cars

The latest research on what men and women are most likely to forget about cars, including leaving stuff on the roof, driving off with the gas nozzle still attached, and much more.

How Women's Excuses Differ From Men's

A fascinating new survey reveals the differences between men's and women's excuses when they're pulled over for speeding.

Online Dating Profile Makeup Tips

A picture is worth 1,000 words, or more, when it comes to online dating profiles. Men spend more time studying photos, while words are more important to women.

Five Good Deeds Daily Raises Happiness

Connie shares this simple tip for doubling your happiness by focusing on someone else 5 times in a single day. It really works!

Don't Be Fooled by Cosmetics Sales Gimmicks

Knowing these secret tricks used by cosmetics departments helps you use your head, not your emotions, next time you visit the beauty counter.

The Dangers of Wearing New Clothes Before Washing Them

Scientific shopping intel reveals some surprising, and scary, reasons that wearing new clothes before washing them can be hurting your health.

The Secret of Keeping Your Jeans in Great Shape.

Find out the best way to store jeans so they always look and feel great. And did you know that manufacturers recommend only washing them after 10 wearings?

Using Your Smartphone to Earn Cash

Learn some tricks for making extra money from your smartphone -- from selling photos to filling out surveys.

Would You Test Drive a House?

One of the latest trends in home buying is the "test drive," or "sleep-over." Find out why people are spending more time in a prospective home before they buy.

How to Sell Your Home to Younger Buyers

What's the best way to sell your home to younger buyers? Lots of photos online and a whole lot more.

Trees Add Value To Homes

Mature trees around your home? Even one old tree adds thousands of dollars to your home's sale price.

Post-Wedding Trend: 'Adventuremoons'

Instead of a honeymoon, couples who love a challenge are planning for an "adventuremoon." Connie explains how couples boost their bonds by going on an adventure after the wedding.

Buying Haunted Houses

Learn where to do your research to avoid buying a haunted house, or how to find one if that's your interest.

Things Your Teen Must Know Before Leaving Home

Does your high schooler make a simple meal, do laundry and say "thank you?" Find out what they really need to know before they leave home.

Are You Committing 'Netflix Adultery?'

"Netflix Adultery" is the new term for watching your favorite shows alone instead of waiting to watch them with your partner. And 1 in 5 of us lie about it!

How to Tell if Your Home Smells Funky

Use this one expert tip to help you discover how your home smells to folks who don't live there, without asking them directly.

Objecting At Weddings

Wedding and relationship expert gives advice about what you should do instead of waiting to yell "I object" during the ceremony.

How to Get a First-Class Upgrade

A new survey reveals that if you're friendly and polite, you may be first in line for a first-class seat on your next flight.

Using Emoticons Can Make Your Boss Happy, Sometimes

John Tesh explains why expressing positive emotions are acceptable, and even welcome, in most business emails to your boss. But not always.

3 Questions to Ask a Potential Partner

John Tesh reveals 3 key questions to ask a potential mate about their goals and priorities -- before the relationship becomes too serious.

Why Men Give Up On Their Looks Earlier Than Women

New research reveals that many men give up on their looks around age 46. Find out the reasons, and what you can do about it.

Why Cracked Phone Screens Are a New Status Symbol

Learn how a cracked screen on your cellphone tells your friends you are really cool and financially independent!

Signs Your Cat Really Owns You

Do your own a cat, or does a cat own you? Find out which human behaviors cat-lovers will recognize as signs that your pet, not you, is really in charge.

Simple Test to Find Out if You're a Tech Addict

Answering a few questions about your online and gadget habits will reveal whether you're a "tech addict," or you just love gadgets.

Why 'Calm Down' is a Relationship-Buster

Want to mend a fight with your partner? Our experts say leaving the words "calm down" out of the conversation can save your relationship!

What 10-Year-Olds Want to Be When They Grow Up

A fascinating new poll reveals the surprising careers that 10-year-olds say they want to have. More than 1 in 3 wants to be a celebrity.

Why So Many Successful Marriages Start Online

A new study shows couples who meet on the Internet have happier, longer-lasting relationships than those who meet face-to-face.

Why Fussy Cats Love Faucets

Cats tend to be neat freaks. And they're very picky about where their water comes from. That's why some cats prefer a running faucet to a water bowl.

The Dangers of Giving Your Dog Pot

Marijuana users may think it's funny to get their dogs high, but the "joke" comes with serious health risks for your pet, including seizures and death, veterinarians report.

Why Bonding With Our Pet 'Kids' is Healthy

Many people refer to their pets as "my kids." The latest research shows that this close bonding is a positive thing for your brain.

Would You Risk Your Life to Save Your Cell Phone?

A new survey reveals the wide variety of crazy, even dangerous, things people are willing to do to save their cell phones.

How to Get Un-Friended in a Hurry

Have you ever un-friended someone on Facebook because they brag too much? Well, you're not alone.

Is Your Dog More Precious Than Family?

Would you be more upset if your dog or a family member passed away? Find out what a new survey says.

6 Words To Never Use On A Resume

If you're trying to get a job, watch this video to discover the six words you should never, ever use on your resume.

Dogs Have Less Stress in Kennels

Do you feel guilty when putting your dog in a kennel while you go on vacation? This new research on dogs in kennels will change that!

Pets Teach Us to Live Better, Longer

Secrets of longevity we could learn from our pets include stretching when we wake up. Learn some other top tips here.

How Sharing Your Dreams Brings You Closer

If you trust your partner enough to share even your weirdest dreams with them, your relationship is probably going to last.