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Expert advice to help you with any home improvement project including bathroom remodels, backyard improvement, landscaping, painting and more.

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Home Improvement Preview

Are you the Do-It-Yourself type? We have tips and expert advice on just about any home improvement project you can think of from bathroom remodels to landscaping to backyard improvement. Let us help you with that next home improvment project.

Would You Test Drive a House?

One of the latest trends in home buying is the "test drive," or "sleep-over." Find out why people are spending more time in a prospective home before they buy.

How to Sell Your Home to Younger Buyers

What's the best way to sell your home to younger buyers? Lots of photos online and a whole lot more.

Trees Add Value To Homes

Mature trees around your home? Even one old tree adds thousands of dollars to your home's sale price.

New Yard Trend During Drought: Lawn Painting

If your lawn is brown, dry and sad-looking, you might want to look into getting it spray painted. Gib explains the advantages and the costs.

Buying Haunted Houses

Learn where to do your research to avoid buying a haunted house, or how to find one if that's your interest.

Signs Your House is Bumming You Out

Green plants and better lighting can help your house go from bummer to beautiful. Get these tips and more in this IFYL video.

How to Tell if Your Home Smells Funky

Use this one expert tip to help you discover how your home smells to folks who don't live there, without asking them directly.