Health and Well-Being

When it comes to living a healthier life, we've got the top expert advice on topics ranging from diet and weight loss to bad breath to combatting memory loss.

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Health and Well-Being Preview

Your health is something we know you take very serious. Our hosts and guest experts cover topics ranging from weight loss to diet and exercise to memory loss and more.

Hitting the Snooze Button Can Wreck Your Sleep

"The Sleep Doctor" explains how using your alarm clock's snooze button messes with sleep patterns and makes you less alert on the job.

How Body Weight Affects Your Joint Health

"Fitness Doctor" Levi Harrison explains exactly how our joints are affected by excess weight, and why losing weight slowly is better than rapid weight loss.

Signs You're Dealing With Tight Pants Syndrome

Skinny jeans might look great, but they can cause some serious damage to the nerves in your legs. John Tesh explains how it happens.

Why High Heels Are Hurting Us at Home

Home is where most high heel injuries happen -- injuries severe enough to send women to the emergency room. Find out about the danger zones in this video.

The Dangers of Wearing New Clothes Before Washing Them

Scientific shopping intel reveals some surprising, and scary, reasons that wearing new clothes before washing them can be hurting your health.

The Secret of Keeping Your Jeans in Great Shape.

Find out the best way to store jeans so they always look and feel great. And did you know that manufacturers recommend only washing them after 10 wearings?

What Not to Binge Watch Before Bedtime

Not surprisingly, watching stressful TV shows raises our stress levels. So if you must binge watch before bed, go for comedies, not crime dramas, experts advise.

Why It's Dangerous to Let Babies Drink Water

News for new moms: Don't let Grandma talk you into giving your baby water. Dr. J.J. Levenstein explains why it can be dangerous.

The Secret To Living A Longer Life

We share the trick that experts say can help you increase your lifespan by two years!

Which is Best: Cardio or Strength Training?

Short on time? Fitness expert Tracey Mallett tells us how to get the most from strength training, and how to use short bursts of cardio to boost your calorie burn.