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Faith Preview

Members get access to a wdie range of Faith related tipics including community, speaking with God, prayer and family and faith. Enjoy videos from our guest experts including "Big Momma" blogger Melanie Shankle and Pastor Andrae Robinson.

Kyle Idleman - Make Your Marriage Stronger By Including God

Kyle Idleman, author of "The End of Me," is a man on a mission. Idleman wants us all to know why marriage is a sacred union made stronger by keeping God a daily part of our lives.

Tips For Parents Who Want a Close Relationship With God

"Big Mama" blogger Melanie Shankle gives some tips on how to get through each day as a busy parent who also has a close relationship with God.

Keeping Your Faith When Your Spouse is a Non-Believer

Pastor and author of Glory Days, Living Your Promised Land Life Now - Max Lucado talks about ways to strengthen your marriage and your Christian faith when you're married to a non-believer.

Learning to Hear God's Voice

Pastor T.D. Jakes - author of Destiny: Step Into Your Purpose - offers wisdom about learning to hear God's voice, so we can become our highest and best selves.

How to Raise Our Boys to Become Good Men

Raising boys to become their best selves requires a man to help parent them, says Pastor T.D. Jakes - author of Destiny: Step Into Your Purpose.It also requires that parents model good behavior for their boys.

Five Good Deeds Daily Raises Happiness

Connie shares this simple tip for doubling your happiness by focusing on someone else 5 times in a single day. It really works!

Tips for Filling God's Toolbox

How being part of a church community constantly gives us more tools for connecting more closely with God and others - so says Shauna Niequist - author of Savor - Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are.

How to Bully-Proof Your Child

Pastor Matthew Barnett offers new intel on how to teach children about bullying at school, at home and online.

Tips for Protecting Children From the Pain of Divorce

Pastor Tony Evans - author of Raising Kingdom Kids - offers insight and helpful tips for helping children deal with their parents' divorce.

Tips for Dealing With a Crisis of Faith

There are times when our faith can be tested. Pastor and Author Judah Smith shares his experiences and shows us how to keep our faith strong. For more information about the work of Pastor and Author Judah Smith, check out his new book "Life Is_____. God's Illogical Love Will Change Your Existence."

The No. 1 Quality You Need in a Potential Spouse

When you're looking for God's perfect partner for your life, there's one very important quality to look for.'s relationship blogger Melanie Shankle explains.

Tips For Talking Openly With Your Children

Author and preacher Max Lucado gives useful tips on how to open the door to dialog with your kids about what's going on in the world and in their lives. For more inspirational messages from Pastor Lucado, check out his book Glory Days, Living Your Promised Land Life Now.

Tips on Helping From the Heart

Sometimes all it takes is a kind word. Pastor Andrae Robinson gives advice on how to offer heartfelt assistance to members of your home community.