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Season 1, Episode 30

Why your 'cuddle hormone' disappears 3 years into a relationship
Survey says: Sad movies make us happy, afterward
How looking sideways keeps you alert on the road
New study reveals that humble people get more dates
Learn why working puzzles wards off dementia
Ditch the flip-flops before they cause real damage
Latest real estate advice: List your house on a Friday

Season 1, Episode 15

New study reveals 3 personality traits that help you live to 100
Survey says: "Sleeping in sync" is key to marital bliss
How eye contact helps you in business and personal relationships
Clues that someone wants to be more than friends
The latest research shows why kids should shun contact sports
New survey reveals dog owners burn 2 million more calories

Season 1, Episode 6

Why vintage cell phones are trendy
Sleep intel: Fresh pillowcase yes; ponytail no
Most annoying tech behaviors revealed
How to use parenting info to land a new job
How and why to avoid bleeding gums
Burglars reveal what makes your home a target
Signs that a man is a high-maintenance diva
Secrets of preventing foot odor with tea